About Us

Equity Hotel and Management is the fast growing hotel operator company in Indonesia. We started the hospitality business in 2016 and growing steadily. We have been assisting hotel owners and developers to start their hotel business, apartments and offices In all across Indonesia. We have a full service job start from business plan up to run or manage the property. We do things from consulting, planning and operating the hotel business. We also do concept, facilities, market analytics and many more. As our business is growing smoothly, we are now moving forward to become small to medium hotel operator with main focus on generating maximum hotel revenues. With your trust we can go bigger and soon will becoming the largest hotel operator in Indonesia.

Hotel Management

We have more than 6 years experiences in property industry and now we open a hospitality services with Equity Hotel as the brand. Equity has been one of the top hotel development and management companies in Indonesia that offers hotel management training programs. We are the collaboration of experts with very well experience people to run the business, institutional investors and joint venture partners to build upon our current portfolio of world-class hotels.

What Makes Us Successful?

Our commitment and our service to our customers, guests, suppliers, share holders and neighborhood is always number one. We hired talented and experienced professionals peoples for key leadership positions at the regional and corporate levels to direct and manage growth to deliver our quality and standards.