Hotel Channel Manager

Manage all (OTA's Online Travel Agents) via One Screen.
With the Equity Hotel Channel Manager it becomes easy to manage the prices, packages and availability for your hotel for all third party websites and distribution partners. Whether it is an OTA, Tour-Operator, the GDS or your own website booking engine, you can manage it all from one easy to use screen.

Our Hand Crafted Hotel Channel Management Software is one of the most advanced technology and systems on the market righ now, and preferred platform with many OTA's. Secure and swift updates of prices for all room simultaneously in a few of clicks. Close availability in all channels with one click.

Hotel Channel Manager Software

Distribute Rooms via Channels Manager

Find the perfect method to maintain and update your room rate and availabilities of all your online sales booking portals, saving many hours of manual work every day.

Real Time Updates
  • Efficiently apply rate strategies in all distribution channels
  • One single screen bulk updates
  • Single click update restrictions on multiple dates
Minimize Errors
  • Tracking of changes in pricing and availabilities
  • Reduce human errors
  • Tracking of updates (Push Status Data)
Expand visibility
  • Increase demand and visibility of your hotel (Billboard effect)
  • Work with a variety of channels
  • Increase the reach of your distribution
Instant Mapping
  • Directly manage the mapping of your rate plans and availability
  • Connect to new channels in a matter of minutes
  • Tour Operator and Online Travel Agencies (OTA) Mapping