Hotel Management Consulting

Are you looking for a hotel consulting company which can give you a hotel competitive edge? Equity Hotel Management is a hospitality consultant company base in Jakarta. With our business strategy promise you can develop a fantastic DNA and creative insight that will drive results for independent hotels and starting hotel groups.

Still using traditional systems foR your hotels? Forget about it and turn your hotel into a winning success story. We challenge the modern insight and when you need a help in developing and rolling out a new modern hotel concept, turning around an under performing property or perform your results before selling of your hotel.

Equity Hotel Management is a firm peoples inside, that you can trust to drive more healthy return on investment with a unique idea of services and concept with amazing guest experience over the conventional hotel and hospitality industries. Keeping up with the latest concept and developments solutions for hotel distribution and online hotel marketing can be challenging since the hotel business landscape changing very quickly. Our hotel marketing strategy specialists are here to change your hotel into a market leader.

We will assist you in setting the right positions and focus on action steps that will generates an effective Return On Investment (ROI) with your hotel, villa or apartments. Our proven consultancy team will serve you to turn the tide in your hotel and drive up your financial results.

Our Hotel Consultant Team Specialize:

Revenue Management

Revenue management is key success of hospitality business that has fixed capacity, perishable inventory, and time-variable demand. Our revenue management team have a proven track record in managing hotel industry. We will create a system apply pricing and length-of-stay tools to measure your revenue management performance. We designed to inspire you to shift your thinking about revenue management from a focus on occupancy and average room rate to a focus on revenue per available room (RevPAR).

We have a formula how to accurately forecast guest arrivals at your hotel, examine pricing models with revenue management principles as well as and to managing overbooking. By trusting your hotel with us, you will have compiled detailed recommendations for implementing revenue management at the organization.

Pre Opening

It’s getting an amazing Day to Day Operation for your hotel is a crucial issue to solved now and all should be ready with us. We are the best soft opening team to setup and open the hotel. It allows for the staff and systems to be tested and working fine. Handling Pre-Opening hotels is our experts. We can handled all issue need to be controlled and managed in detail. During our previous experiences, we have opened many hotels  over the last decade and are ready to do the next roll-out with our strategy development, checklists and action plans.

Concept Development

Under the division of Hotel Equity Management, we works with existing small- to medium-sized hotels in providing sensible and adaptive support to increase sales and revenue. At Hotel Equity Management, we have a flexible and adaptable management assistance that allows our partners to gain a necessary creative freedom to define their individual properties.We can help you with your hotel project from the earliest stages and business plan. We creating and develop of new hotel concepts, and ideas, branding and positioning for your hotels.

Finance Management

Financial planning begin with the sales forecast. The sales forecast is usually used to establish the revenue for the hotel budget. The finance manager will ensure sales forecasts are realistic and achievable. We also works with departments to create operating budgets. These budgets include expected revenue, employee headcount, occupancy costs and other expenses. We can maximize the return on investment for your hotel with shot and long time calculations

Sales & Marketing

We are preparing the hotel sales & marketing team, including forecasts related to a change in behavior that occurs during operation and reservation process. The importance of guests reviews in for your hotels will help us to determine the strategy to gain more revenues. What else, we are going to use the guest data to better manage the brand image and outperform competitors and demanding market.  We have special team sales for marketing strategy, our experts in internet marketing and online distribution will do it for you.

Operations Management

Equity Hotel Management will oversee your hospitality operations with the utmost dedication and knowledge. With our standard procedures, knowledge, commitment to excellence, we’ll keep your organization running smoothly and your guests satisfied. Your guest is very important because having direct result of the service standards at your hotel and very important for your sales team to gain more guests. Our team can implement a high quality standards and handles this job for you.