Hotel Management In Jakarta

Photo manajemen hotel di jakarta

Sometimes after having experience staying in several places, we have preferences or to choose certain hotel chain. However, we are also confused because the hotel chain sometimes issued several different brands to grab all potential market.

Currently hospitality industry increasing rapidly and compete in the same area. Most of them managed by biggest foreign hotel chain and only few of them from local brand. After few years the owner changes the hotel management and brand to get lower operational cost. Some hotel properties shifting their brand after only a few years in a certain brand management.

There are some of the leading local hotel chains in Indonesia. There are some hotel management brand that is well known in Indonesia. They have a pretty good reputation with competitive prices.

Equity Hotels management is an organization consisting of professional and very well experienced hoteliers and tourism experts. Provides prestigious hotel management and consulting services as well as remote resorts. Equity Hotels & Resorts offers full services for new projects as well as existing properties.

We continue to maintain the integrity of our brand and become one entity by maintaining professionalism and providing the best for our customers. Currently Equity Hotels & Resorts under the Operating & Management Agreement manage our first hotel and resorts in Bali “Equity Jimbaran Resort And Villa

With Modern and elegant, our room is designed to ensure that you are in the most comfortable place. Each floor has a door with electronic security to ensure privacy and security, as well as each room has WIFI so you can stay in touch in cyberspace.