Hotel Website Booking Engine

We have our own Hotel Booking Engine to make an efficient way for  high conversion, customizable booking engine for our internal and external use.

We have creating this hotel booking engine and offering high performance of service that can managed your daily hotel operation. Our booking engine is the most efficient and flexible way out in the market today. The conversion rate is impressive especially since it combines easy upselling functionalities and dynamic user interface in a one stop solution for your guests.

Our booking engine is very user friendly to make sure it has the look & feel as your own website. Your guests are in a save, secure and recognizable environment allowing them for maximum conversion on each visitor

Benefit Of Our Hotel Website Booking Engine

Customizable Interface

Our booking engine is dedicated for you to make sure it has the same look & feel as your own website. Your guest data is place in a secure and private server allowing for maximum conversion and result

Responsive Design

Our hotel booking engine adapts to every device whether it is a mobile, phablet, tablet or desktop. The booking engine automatically knows on what kind of device a user is connecting and adapts to the device flawlessly. Depending on the device our user-friendly booking engine adapts the required minimum fields to optimize usability and results

Fully optimized for:

  • Mobile devices
  • Tablet devices
  • Phablet devices
  • Desktop devices
Restricted Access to non-public rates and packages

Your regular guests, corporate guests and partners want to reserve their own special rate directly on your website as well. In our booking engine, configuring special rates viewable and bookable only through a special restricted access, is really easy. And access to those rates for your guests is very smooth and efficient

Allow bookings with restricted access for:

  • Regular guests
  • Corporate guests
  • Travel agencies
  • Partners
Upselling options

Adding options such as airport transfers, flowers, wine, breakfast and other additional sales items is straightforward for both you and your guests. You will appreciate the additional revenue and your guests will enjoy adding options they need or may not have thought about right when they reserve

Get additional upsell bookings for:

  • Airport transfers
  • Flowers
  • Wine
  • Welcome packages
  • Bike rental
  • Spa reservations
  • Etc.
Room type and Rate plan

Setup a daily rate, or a rate derived from an existing BAR

Social Media Booking Engine

Give your guests the same booking experience as they are used on your website but on your social media pages such as Facebook, twitter and linkedin. Your guests want to be able to book anywhere and from any device. Our Social Media Booking Engine is specifically designed for easy installation and function on social media channels such as Facebook.